Bridal Makeup must be perfect!


A bridal makeup artist is an artist who has a professional look and works only with the best and professional makeup products that won't smudge at the most inopportune moment



When choosing wedding hairstyle, it is better to try a variety of options and conduct a rehearsal of hairstyles and makeup.

Bridal Makeup
Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

A professional Bridal Makeup artist in Rome is a master of creating a unique artistic image that uses various make-up tools. She always takes in consideration the individual characteristics of each client, the trend of fashion variability, especially in the style of clothing and the general style of the upcoming event. 


Every day, every lady spends a few minutes of her time to look attractive. But in order for the result to be optimal it is worthwhile to at least sometimes turn to a professional Bridal makeup artist Rome who will competently emphasize natural beauty and hide minor flaws.

Professional Bridal Makeup Artist Rome:

  • knows how to choose the shades and structure of tonal resources;
  • owns various techniques of applying decorative cosmetics and knows their features;
  • skillfully applies methods and means of visual face correction;
  • can adjust eyebrows, model their shape;
  • easily determines the individual color type and selects the appropriate shades for makeup;
  • owns the technique of creating the correct, natural visage;
  • distinguishes the shape of the lips and successfully visually corrects them;
  • knows the secrets of makeup for photos and videos, special events;
  • skillfully performs male makeup;

A good makeup artist Rome  is a specialist in the beauty industry and knows how to create an amazing, fascinating look image. Make up is a high art and therefore it should be done only by professional stylist who has a unique sense of beauty, color, harmony!

No one can argue with the fact that the face is your business card. Make-up reflects your attitude to fashion and self-image. When makeup matches the inner “I” and your mood, it makes you more attractive. As a result, you look good and satisfied with yourself!

Graduated make-up artist Rome – “Accademia del trucco professionale“;
in Paris – the academy “Fleurimon”.

Years of experience in creating a wedding image.
Impeccable wedding makeup and hairstyle made by a skillful stylist’s brush, will transform any girl into a beautiful princess! Only extraordinary, fantasy and professional skills will make the wedding image of the bride harmonious and comfortable.


  • evening makeup
  • day makeup
  • bridal makeup
  • photo shoot makeup

And also works closely with famous photographers, models, stylists …
In her work she uses professional cosmetics of the highest quality: MAC, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Giorgio Armani, Kryolan

Package stylist wedding services:

trial wedding bridal makeup and hair style.
Wedding hairstyle and makeup on the day of the ceremony discount for moms, relatives and girlfriends.


Also we work in Hotels!
We will come to you at the agreed time!

If you are interested in a bridal makeup Rome, a makeup for a photo session Rome, as well as a business make up, day make up, evening make up, as well as all types of hairstyles, we suggest you to look at the portfolio of our master.

Wedding Hairstyle Rome
Wedding Hairstyle Italy

Wedding Hairstyle

Our Wedding hairstylists will help you create a unique wedding look. 
The cost of wedding hairstyle directly depends on its complexity and the use of additional accessories.

Wedding Hairstyle Italy

What is special about wedding hairstyle?

Most often, a wedding is an informal celebration, where it is possible to use any hairstyles and their modifications. It all depends on the wishes of the bride and her character.

However, it is worth considering a number of factors influencing the choice of a particular model:

  • outfit – the choice of hairstyle depends on the style of the chosen dress and accessories. The created image can become both romantic and modern; at the same time, it is allowed to use absolutely any accessories, ranging from semi-precious stones to fresh flowers;
  • the style of the celebration also directly affects the choice of model;
  • hair condition – weakened and damaged are difficult to style, look dull and unhealthy, and this can ruin any, even the most chic hairstyle, so you should start preparing in advance. Start caring for your hair at home using proven products at least a month before the celebration, or sign up for a restoration procedure at the salon. This will help to give the hair a natural shine and a healthy look, and as a result, it will improve the appearance of the hairstyle;
  • hair length – the future image directly depends on it. At the same time, you can create a romantic style for a short haircut, in addition, there is always the opportunity to build up strands or add artificial ones.

It is important to remember that a wedding is a long event that can last from early morning until late night. Therefore, wedding hairstyle must endure all the tests, not lose shape and not be disheveled. This factor also affects the choice of model, since it requires enhanced fixation, sometimes at the expense of complexity.

Wedding Hairstyle: Price & Performance

The cost of wedding hairstyle directly depends on its complexity and the use of additional accessories. Explain to the master how you see your wedding look in as much detail as possible, show photos with similar models and be sure to take a picture of the dress. Taking into account your wishes, as well as taking into account the general condition of the hair, the stylist will be able to choose the ideal option for you.

Rehearsal is necessary to successfully create an image. To do this, on the selected day, the master will do the styling for you and you will be able to see live whether it suits you or not. On the same day, it is advisable to do a trial holiday make-up to check how it fits with the overall concept.

Hairstyles for the wedding: the most popular options

Most often, brides choose the following types of wedding hairstyle:

  • loose;
  • decorated with diadem;
  • with fresh flowers;
  • classic shell.

Experts advise choosing the model that is most in harmony with the dress: complex and lush styling is suitable for a modest outfit, a modest styling should be done for a bright extravagant dress.